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Jazz Main (By marketedge)

Gain : +27.51%
Drawdown 28.08%
Pips: 1437.8
Trades 1483
Type: Real
Leverage: -
Trading: Automated

Jazz Main Discussion

marketedge (marketedge)
Sep 01 2014 at 20:16
40 posts
@eamonitor u are a real piece. Am loving it and I can only imagine ur face when sept hits 20% just as july and aug. He he. I can assure you that I will have a special mention of you on our site.

marketedge (marketedge)
Sep 01 2014 at 20:16
40 posts

If u know counting, u fool can you please tell me the percentage returns for July, Augu ?
Aah u wont.

Here it is:
July 25%
Aug 24%

Max dd 15%

so dont make a fool of urself. I will make sure you are given the prompt treatment and humiliation once sept also hits 25%. You think u can hide behind the anonymity of internet and make fun every time the system has a DD. By the way thanks to ur effort we have had even more subs joining us. Imagine when they are sitting on 20% return as well and when they all see the fraud u r.

Sep 02 2014 at 09:55
15 posts
cutting losses is your mantra....cut losses why have you got GBPJPY Short from yesterday losing 70 pips ?????

Sep 02 2014 at 09:56
15 posts
i actually agree with you that most lose as they do the opposite to Jazz, in that they cut profits quickly and run losses, and you say Jazz does the opposite which is why we must get used to seeing many small losses before a home run winner......and by and large thats what weve seen......but these 2 GBPJPY trades down 70 and 60 pips each are eating up all the profit you had from 7 winniing trades, so just trying to understand.....why these have been let run, it goes against what you teach....or have you gone off JAzz again and run these yourself ?

Sep 02 2014 at 09:57
15 posts
a great start today, +2.5%.....keep it going

Sep 02 2014 at 10:03
15 posts
+3% well done, although still same question as to why keeping GBP shorts losing 70 pips (when you say you shut losers quickly) especially with GBP news coming out soon, lets hope it goes in your favour

marketedge (marketedge)
Sep 02 2014 at 10:06
40 posts
Ok @eamonitor u r now talking sense. Why dont you discuss in a proper manner with us over skype?

skype id: forexjazz.

We have an email

And finally we are on forexfactory.

The way you report losses, it makes us wonder are you a genuine guy or you someone simply trying to intimidate and troll.

On both GPJPY trades, we had sent emails to our clients. They know what we are trying to do and why for some trades we dont keep stops.

Sep 02 2014 at 14:58
15 posts
ok so first of well done on a great day....up about 5%

Secondly I will continue on here and contact you by Skype as its fair I publish criticism and praise openly.

You must understand when you become a signal provider to the public you will come under scrutiny as most providers are scams at best or have a system thats been working for a few months no more.

There were (are) points that concerned people which you have to accept, such as Demo, non verified, etc etc..............but at the end of the day your performance will be the judge.

One point I really want to hammer home is the 'going off the rules' point. Last week you went off rules and the account got badly damaged......there is another famous provider who recently got hammered after 3 perfect years, losing in Gold and EurUsd and he also has recently admitted he started to trade differently and went 'off rules' and has lost most of his subscribers.

My concern today was (and still is) that you always tell us 'cut losses quick' even iof that means a string of losses and wait for the profit....thats fine and indeed I agree with it........but today in GBPJPY you let trades go 70 pips against may have come good but thats NOT the point...the point is you went off rules.....well the rules you profess.......and that gives subscribers one day it wont come back and the whole 'rule' of cutting early will be broken.

I personally like that you cut losses and worries me when you dont and worries me more so when you come up with a reason why you thats not your rules.

Anyway a great day, well done and hope it continues......

Sep 02 2014 at 20:51
2 posts
eamonitor every trader take trades agains his own rules/system sometimes, it happens.

get on board and join

marketedge (marketedge)
Sep 02 2014 at 20:52
40 posts
@eamonitor we may take you guys off the list completely and just leave the guys who we trust to be with us. Am sorry for this drastic step we are about to take. We are not going to miss but you will miss the returns.

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