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JDP Cruiser (By Kasuko )

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JDP Cruiser Discussion

Kasuko (MoneyFountain1)
Oct 16 2018 at 14:49
57 posts
Long term solution for realistic and consistent returns. Our account is working on an expectency of a high annual ROI - over 100% annually. Our clients' accounts will use a tempered version of the system to generate an ROI of 30 - 50% annually. This reduces the risk drastically and prolongs the viability of the account.

For longer term monitoring, please have a look at our DEMO account, which we use to match the Live vs. DEMO account results. ROI of 550% in just over two years, with full risk exposure, which is why we recommend a tempered use of our system.

Those of you interested in results matching that of the DEMO account have to specifically identify that they are fully aware and warned of the high risk involved in such trading practices before we accept any LPoA to trade your account.

JDP Forex

All things come to those who wait.
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