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Jim - Live IBFX (By etech)

Gain : +14.28%
Drawdown 77.27%
Pips: -3453.5
Trades 1605
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:50
Trading: Automated

Jim - Live IBFX Discussion

Sep 07 2010 at 09:48
78 posts
Hi there,

I am also running PFR. I am bit surprised by the position sizes that are shown with myfxbook here. It seems that they actually are 0.01 lot not 0.1 as shown in the statements. Probably myfxbook has problems with nanolots...

Anyway, your results seem pretty consistent with what I get and I think they are pretty encouraging. When I go live, I will trade EUR/USD and USD/JPY first and then I will add the other two pairs.

etech (etech)
Dec 15 2010 at 13:58
5 posts
Hi, I have been testing PFR for sometime and have had the best results with super aggressive. This live account is on conservative settings. The 3 live accounts I have setup are all Mini accounts, that is why the 0.1 lot size.

I switched from the US IBFX to the Australia IBFX (No USA rules)

I am trading all 4 pairs. When I tested with less, I did not do as well.

Dec 15 2010 at 14:29
78 posts
I am concerned about trading all four pairs as they are all USD linked. So there is a remote posibility if all 4 pairs were very volatile that you may get 4x bigger drawdown.

I use the conservative settings and although I had a couple setbacks on USDCHF recently, but I do not complain.

Here is the PFR only account

The other used mix of EAs (Megadroid and Probability 7.0 for a while, now it is PFR only -- MD was OK with PFR, but Probability could not coexist with PFR at all).

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