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Jsut For Fun (By Pheniox )

The user has deleted this system.

Jsut For Fun Discussion

Oct 09 2009 at 01:06
92 posts
Posted here for those on this site that have nothing better to do than complain that nothing works.
Please take your time and enjoy yourselves posting away to each other.
Not the 'Genius' program, as this started trading well before that program, was ever released.
Not the ISEA program either.
This was, a demo, now no longer trading, but active.

Used here as an advertising vehicle only.

Now if everyone will excuse me I have real work to do.

I do use it on a live account, not a large one, makes wins and losses and stil ahead.
A good trader that knows how to spend their time finding the proper brokers and the proper setup can use any scalping program out there to make consistent pips.

Yes I make the pips with ISEA as well, although those that do are never going to tell you how to do it, and those that do not know how to use it will and have called it trash. Oh yes the cracked version of ISEA that everyone has does not trade like the real one either.

Problem is most complainers spend their time on forums complaining only because they always use the ' if ' word daily.

If I had done this
If I had help the trade longer
If I did not get emotional
If I had waited and the if list goes on.

Trade no fear and go for it.

Called a risk investment yet all the complainers I have ever talked to want to make it all but risk nothing.
Put the funds into an account.

Risk is risk and if you are not willing to lose it then why should you also be willing to win it.

Las Vegas is full of people like that and perhaps the complainers should take a trip there instead, perhaps the lights there will wake them up.

Such a waste of time addressing people who contribute nothing and tear apart systems when they can not even code yet alone understand it.

For those that like to sit in front of their screen and type they would be better ahead to login to the mT4 community and type questions there, learn and stop complaining.

Need a good broker:

Spend months testing and setting up on their demo accounts.
Open a real account and see if the demo is even close to the real account. Surprise many are exactly the same as the demo.

And more than a hundred dollars to deposit.

Or maybe find a friend that has already done all this and is willing to share.
Believe me I have met none here.

Me I have been jumped on enough here in these forum to keep what little I know, and share it will a select few.
If people here would have taken the time to PM me, rather than to try to trash me, without knowing what I was looking for then perhaps, there would be more to share here.

My first post was for advertising purposes only, and what ever, I made no mention of trying to sell that program, and none here of this one.

Go Figure

Those that say it can not be done should leave those that are doing it alone.
Oct 09 2009 at 03:24
25 posts
When is going to end this crap? all this 'results' of fake EAs are spoiling this great site......<img src='' alt='mad'/><img src='' alt='mad'/><img src='' alt='confused'/>
Oct 09 2009 at 03:42
92 posts
If you read properly it is not fake.

Just on a demo with more than I can afford to trade with most of the time.
Those that say it can not be done should leave those that are doing it alone.
Oct 09 2009 at 04:16
8 posts

bicho1 posted:
    When is going to end this crap? all this 'results' of fake EAs are spoiling this great site......<img src='' alt='mad'/><img src='' alt='mad'/><img src='' alt='confused'/>

Prime example of a person, definitely not what I consider an educated trader.

First off how can it be as you call ' fake' did he somehow go to the broke,r and magically create these results. Wake up and grow up, before posting and wasting time.

An educated trader would have posted more along the lines of:
 how did you do it,
what were your settings,
which broker did you use
and so on.

Personally I fully understand why those that can actually get a EA to work properly never post theirresults when there are people that waste time with such ridiculous posts.

When you see a new program do you not ask for a demo?

If you are lucky enough to get a demo, and not have to actually purchase the program, do you not test it on a demo account as well?

So I ask you to please tell me how to log into the brokers server so I can also ' fake' results.

MyFxBook and other reporting sites are there so that ' fakes' can not hide there.

These results ,as other trader results on this site, have to be real, as the information is pulled off the servers, not the posters darn harddrive, as I know it, and is reported live every five minutes.

So why waste your time complaining, as it is quite clear that you have neither the time or patience to learn to trade right, to learn form others, and to actually someday create your own system.

 Wasting your time and other with foolish, and definitely uneducated posts, that try or attempt to discredit another trader only shows that you are still caught up in the past losses, you may have occurred, and can not find the road forward.

I personally will PM him and ask politely, if he will let me know how he achieved these results, and what settings he would have suggested, to trade a bit more safer.

You are the one that is wasting our time here not this system.
Oct 09 2009 at 04:51
8 posts
Phoniox is using also the nick MuddleHD to promote this scam ISEA EA, he thinks he is the only one who 'discovered' that crap, and in his other coments he is trying to sell 'only 500 copies' of this crap.... BEWARE OF THIS SCAM!!
Oct 09 2009 at 09:27
24 posts
<img src='' alt='eek'/>Wow..i'm confused here....

Phioenix & MuddleHD are same person?

So Grupo how you know that??

Phoenix...if your system so good.....did you sell it to public?
Or how can we get it?

If it really work...why still need to promote?
You can keep it....for making money...
Oct 09 2009 at 15:36
18 posts
whay you dont put some nice MT4stats statment of your live trading to show us 11777877777111111111%..........
is true and isnt fake.
Stephanus Rensburg (stephanusR)
Oct 10 2009 at 08:57
216 posts

Vidic posted:
    <img src='' alt='eek'/>Wow..i'm confused here....

Phioenix & MuddleHD are same person?

All the top results are posted by the same person - Profijet , I think. Posting under various aliases from various websites but a single individual. We will have to be patient as site management is working on filters that will allow fictitious demo or real results to be displayed on a separate page. Something like a flagging a trading result , then based on such flag the results aren't deleted just not as prominently displayed. Sellers of EA's for example could be displayed with a filter so we don't have to wade through 400 results just to discover that 390 of the results is the same person running 4000 different EA's and then posting only those specific EA's that just happened to work for a specific time period.
Stephanus Rensburg (stephanusR)
Oct 10 2009 at 09:03
216 posts
MuddleHD posted:
An educated trader would have posted more along the lines of:
 how did you do it,
which broker did you use
and so on.

1) How did you do it? By running 10000 seperate EA's aligning one say with the phases of the moon , which produced record results then only posting this one EA and discarding the other 9999 which didn't work.

2) what were your settings ? For the winning EA the settings were the fluctuation in the number of people believing in space aliens, for the other 9999 ea's this though didn't work..

Oct 14 2009 at 23:23
92 posts
No my newest release is running live stats here has made over 190% in less than a month on all accounts, has almost sold out and all members are very pleased with the results and yes, it trades, just when I howl at the moon.

I said clearly that this results page was for fun and advertising purposes .
Also am running this posted ea on a live account again, and is also posted in the stats,, but although in profit, we can wait till it hits this position, and then I can show you how to howl at the moon or what it is you use to trade with.
Would be nice to see some intelligent posts now and then.

BTW I have 4,000 members currently and none need to howl or wait for moon changes or wahtever
Get a life,
Those that say it can not be done should leave those that are doing it alone.
Oct 15 2009 at 01:03
4 posts
'has almost sold out'...what a scammer, hi is so stupid that he thinks that someone believes in the old tail that the EAs can be sold out..... LOL
Oct 15 2009 at 18:19
4 posts
hi my friend funny how many idiots there are in forex but like you say a while ago at the end of each season there will be less new comers and the ones who are willing to learn will only be the ones making it for a long time. I was unsucsessful until i met you. The ea i am using of you is great has some dd sometimes but as a trader must know that is part of the game. One cannot win everytime. Then for the people which is going to critisise me go learn to trade go reading forums where this guy writes and then you maybe will be sucsessful.

Take care
pc8multifx (pc8multifx)
Oct 16 2009 at 02:53
879 posts
EA sold out??? What a BS....traders beware!!!
Oct 19 2009 at 03:02
92 posts

pc8multifx posted:
    EA sold out??? What a BS....traders beware!!!

Why not take a moment and log into my main site and try to buy Excalibur.

If you took a moment before you posted you would not waste so much time exercise by putting your foot in your own mouth first.

Excalibur was sold out months ago.
Those that say it can not be done should leave those that are doing it alone.
pc8multifx (pc8multifx)
Oct 20 2009 at 20:33
879 posts
thx the heaven i dont need to buy commercial BS...only forex trading losers have to make money by selling crap

As an account manager i prefer to trade with my own, full adaptive EAs. Some demos:
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