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Kangaroo EA (discontinued) (By forexgermany )

The user has deleted this system.

Kangaroo EA (discontinued) Discussion

Apr 05 2012 at 19:12
33 posts
Hi forexgermany, what are your risk settings for kangaroo EA? Would you expect this to run well on FinFX ECN?
Apr 05 2012 at 20:21
146 posts
On this account 5 for AUDUSD and 1 for EURUSD, but given the account balance the EA has to trade EURUSD with 2.5 due to minimum lot size. I didn't expect TulipFX to reactivate EURUSD that soon.

I placed Kangaroo on one of my FinFX ECN demo accounts in December 2010 and the EA gained 2,240 pips since then. I hit 3 full SLs, one on AUDUSD and two on EURUSD. I could have avoided the second EURUSD SL if I had stopped trading when TulipFX recommended to do so. I finally decided to stop EURUSD after the second SL in August 2011.

In my experience results on FinFX live and demo accounts are very similar - bearing in mind the usual restrictions - so yes, I would expect Kangaroo to run quite well on FinFX ECN.
May 30 2012 at 20:49
320 posts
Do You use pepperstone razor account for this ?
Better to lose an oportunity than a money
May 31 2012 at 05:59
146 posts
Yes, it's a razor account.
Odie (bismillahWD)
Oct 23 2012 at 06:21
19 posts
forexgermany, after EDGE release, do you still running on old feed razor ? or new edge feed?
Oct 23 2012 at 17:26
146 posts
Still running on razor. I've heard quite e few negative comments regarding the edge accounts, so for now I don't intend to switch.
Odie (bismillahWD)
Oct 24 2012 at 05:38
19 posts
Yes, its loot of spike, pitty me already jump to edge and they never allowed me to downgrade to old feed.
they promised to improved their feed.

but once i got bad feed that made kangaroo went wrong direction, ill go jump another broker.
Feb 23 2013 at 08:20
146 posts
Trading has been disabled as the vendor deactivated the licence. For the avoidance of doubt, this was a promotional licence from the early days of the EA so the vendor had the right to disable it any time.
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