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KILOJOULE (By reinassance )

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KILOJOULE Discussion

Oct 03 2019 at 09:31
2 posts
hi, i follow you on signal and our results are not similar, please do your offer a better mechanism to follow your signals
Oct 03 2019 at 18:38
1 posts
i had the same problem .. the provider makes gbp jpy buy and my account gbp jpy sell .. -400$ :-/
where is the problem? signalstart?
thanks for help
Oct 03 2019 at 20:54
251 posts
impossible to make profit with this account

check history trades with 1.5pips profit , slippage will never allow you to get any profit , and this is clear market execution broker without any slippage is a bucketshop
Oct 04 2019 at 12:21
2 posts
i use similar broker as his, and prime account with his broker, i wish i could get similar results... @Niede69 similar experience yesterday, my account opened 2 positions on the same pair, while the provider took only the profitable one, how was this possible i dont understand
Oct 05 2019 at 03:36
2 posts

we made a lot of money,

We think we are the one and only to have reached +1 000 000 % ever.

I am sorry you didn't. It is maybe a matter of broker and leverage

if you want, try to move your funds to the same broker we are trading and ask for 400:1 leverage or better 1000:1 leverage

Thanks for your interest
Oct 05 2019 at 03:37
2 posts
Another option is being managed directly, but for account depos > 50k
Oct 16 2019 at 14:54
16 posts
it's not working for me, big loss today.
Trust me and we will make money.
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