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kingofdowjones (By mahmood )

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kingofdowjones Discussion

mahmood (KingOfDowjone)
Aug 20 2020 at 11:06
2 posts
The pooled account project, which will start on September 1, 2020
The duration of the project is 6 months, or the project goal is more important than the period
 We are targeting, God willing, the 1000%
After the account is fully prepared without the need for any service from anyone
 We did the combined management account over the last 20 days
Thanks to God, the account was created and everything was prepared during this period
I intended to open the project during this period to get the most news at the end of the year
The suggested starting capital is 500 per share
Number of shares 20 or 30 with a maximum target per share. Deposit withdrawals are available only once
The first withdrawal upon completion of the 100% profit rate The second withdrawal when the 200% profit is completed
The third withdrawal upon the completion of the 300% profit rate The fourth withdrawal upon the completion of the 400% profit rate
In this case, the account has achieved a profit level of 1000%
The expected period to realize this profit is from 3 to 6 months
 Withdrawals are available daily, but it is better to follow the aforementioned one
If the matter is up to me, I always advise to withdraw continuously as long as there is a profit. We must withdraw on a daily basis if possible
In the end, as long as Trump tweets constantly and has no timing, as in the news pages, we cannot keep long deals for long goals except in certain cases
Generally, here is the way to enter the pool account
 How to enter and invest in the front account
 Open an account with Equity via the link
If you have an account with the Equity company, you can write to support for transfer and request that your account be listed under this account 0050171
After opening the account, log in to accounts
Create an account to join the 2020 program
Deposit an amount of at least 100 in the managed account
Join the program and wait for the activation
No trades before September 9, 2020
Good luck to all

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