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KMTT Consistently (By FXFXVN )

The user has deleted this system.

KMTT Consistently Discussion

Jun 04 2016 at 11:53
2 posts
My email:

My skype: sorosvnvn

If your fund need trader, please contact to me. Thanks!

Jul 04 2016 at 02:43
2 posts
Forex trader training course:

- Free one year using KMTT indicator (Price is $ 500 a year).
- Training three day on Sunday evening or Saturday. Forms of training on Skype, ask and aswer is the way to learn to trading.
- Teaching: fundamental analysis, technical analysis, psychology analysis and Support and Resistance ... Money management and method of the Bigs Boy. Because teaching focus to the transaction, does not teach the theory so focused, concise, and easy application.
- Share a my trading method that I am using in combination with KMTT indicator. The simplest method, effective, easy to use. Notice I use many different methods.
- Minimum requirements known trading on demo account.


One thousand USD (1.000 USD) per course.

- Transfer enough money by Webmoney.
- Then will receive indicator.
- Guide uses one of the system I am trading.
- Training 2 or 3 in the form of question and answer sessions.


Skype: sorosvnvn

Thank you very much!

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