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KTM-Pamm (By George joseph )

The user has deleted this system.

KTM-Pamm Discussion

George joseph (georgejoseph257)
Jan 16 2021 at 08:52
9 posts
This EA trading system is for serious investors.
Backtest done from 1999 till 2020.
You can download backtest htm file via below link. You can open it with any web browser.

Low DD.
Decent return every year.
No emotional trading. Fixed stop loss with every trade placed.
EA doesnt place trade during news times to decrease the DD even further.


email:[email protected]
Financial freedom
George joseph (georgejoseph257)
Jan 16 2021 at 08:54
9 posts
There are couple of options for you to copy my trade.

PAMM system via keytomarkets.
20% performance fee as of now. It will be 30% for new clients when it has 1 year plus trading history.

Minimum req is 1000 USD.

Darwin Auto Copy trade( some what like a PAMM system).

20% performance fee. Out of which 5% goes to the broker and remaining 15 % comes to me.

This will be setup within 1 month. Darwinex needs around 2 months trading history for PAMM system to be setup.

Minimum required is 500 USD.

Go markets Autocopy trade / MAM system.

Minimum required is 1000 USD as of now. Requirement will jump to 10 k after 1 year trading history.

My broker will give you my investor password for you to copy trade yourself using Copy trading software.

Once a month, 30% performance fee will be automatically transferred from your mt4 account to my mt4 account.

The other option is MAM system. Its not set up yet as minimum requirement for this is 40 k investment in total. When lot of clients are interested, MAM will be available for 30% performance fee.
Financial freedom
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