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Live (Pip Brains) (by southernpitbull)

The user has deleted this system.
Southern PitBull (southernpitbull)
Jun 12 2010 at 21:21
29 posts
This account is currently running Pip Brains Advanced with all default settings with the exception of lot size as FXOpen doesn't allow .01 sized lots.

500:1 leverage
Standard account
~$500 deposit

Casey Lim (bestforexea)
Jun 12 2010 at 21:51
75 posts
Careful dude... 300 bucks... at 0.1 standard lot... You don't have enough to cover a drawdown with such a martingale ea such as pip brains... Hopefully you only set one currency pair and not as displayed by Pipbrain of 2 currency pair.

Since you are with FXOpen... I suggest you open a micro account with FXOpen and trade 0.1 micro lots. Even with a micro lot with 300 bucks... I do not think it is enough. Might I suggest 1k on a micro account or at least 500 bucks.

Jun 13 2010 at 02:22
56 posts
Yes that is way to high of risk for a unproven EA. I hope it does well for you.:)

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