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Live Strategy Testing (By leerees )

Gain : +147.54%
Drawdown 23.59%
Pips: 1549.1
Trades 1579
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:400
Trading: Automated

Live Strategy Testing Discussion

Sep 01 2011 at 21:31
75 posts
Hi Salty Waters,

There was a power cut thus the robot wasn't able to close its trades, therefore I've had to take over and place these manual trades to hedge myself. I'll keep the hedge open until the market turns around.

It is a shame I didn't notice the power cut as I was out, power was down for about 2 hours, but I'm doing my best to rectify the situation, then I'll hand control back to the EA.

Sep 01 2011 at 22:55
247 posts
Can you show the back test for 2009?


Sep 02 2011 at 09:49
75 posts
Saltywaters, email me and I'll forward you the backtests,

Unfortunately I had to close the manual trades so the account is back down to £300 profit, unforuntately it had to be done as it's NFP today and the risk is just too high, I am going to transfer the remaining profit to another account as I need to start my other bot off live aswell.

I'm moving this account to a VPS later today to prevent any more disasters.

Wonder if I can make a claim against my power company? probably not ;-)

Sep 02 2011 at 10:59
247 posts

The most important part of the plan is stick to the plan!
You had a great plan but you didn't stick to it.


Sep 04 2011 at 12:23
3 posts

I sent you a private message sometime last week, not sure if you got it.

I was inquiring about your PAMM account. What is your requirement? commission? other details?

Im also intrested to look at the back test of this. Can you please email it to me?


Sep 16 2011 at 05:48
75 posts
I recently handed back control to the EA, we are below the required minimum balance so I'll be keeping an eye on this until it gets back to £1000.

Today I also setup the first of hopefully many managed accounts, the account is shared if you fancy looking.

Sep 17 2011 at 12:32
247 posts
I wish you luck leerees but... aren't you going to fast in here? Shouldn't you have a Track Record to prove your words? I don't know if you realize it, regardless of the hype of your great plan what you have in here is failure. You have two months of Live forward History, one good and the other you fail. Can you read what you've wrote?

You came from another posts in another thread saying this:



Member Since Oct 20, 2010 30 posts leerees Jul 27 at 15:43 (edited Jul 27 at 15:44 ) 'Guys please stop believing these crooks.

Message me if you are looking for a real EA, one that will make you around $150 per month with a very low drawdown, that's how we do real forex, low risk trading with 0.01 lots. If you think you can make any more than that then you are either dreaming, or over leveraged.

Check out my page for live trading results.'

and this:


Member Since Oct 20, 2010 30 posts leerees Aug 16 at 01:43 (edited Aug 16 at 01:48 ) 'Guys please stop fooling for this rubbish.

I'll tell you where to get the EA, plus I'll also give you the set files and I don't want any money for 'sharing the seceret' etc lol.

I've changed things round a little and am making about £50 a day now, which is much nicer than £150 a month.

Seriously guys compounding WILL 100% loose you your whole account, stay away from any EA that uses compounding / MM. Instead of compounding you should be WITHDRAWING your profits. '


Isn't it time for the 'Reality Check?'

Offering to manage other people's money with your track record is a risky business. Maybe you should wait a little longer to prove yourself that you can do it successfully first.

Don't forget 'The carriage doesn't go in front of the horses but rather behind it'

Cheers and good luck again!

Sep 19 2011 at 13:04
75 posts
Salty Waters,

Please read the thread before offering your 'advice'. The loss was caused by a power cut. Let me summarise a few things

I have made the following changes to prevent this issue from happening again:

1) I am now using a VPS that is housed inside the brokers building, if losses are generated from outages I am within my rights to claim the losses back for myself and my clients.

2) I use 3 forms of equity protection. 1) a hard stop loss, 2) account portion balancing, and 3) equity protection. These 3 forms of protection stop the client loosing more than 30% of his original investment. As the balance builds up past £1300 this is adjusted to break even, from this point on the client withdraws regularly £600 per £1000 of profit produced. Therefore instead of being just break even the strategy becomes negative risk as a pot builds up in the clients account. No other trader can offer that level of security and that's why I take pride in my system.

3) If you can't afford to loose £300 do not invest, this is my disclaimer. However, please be aware that I would not be trading real money if I thought for any reason that my strategies will loose. Re-Read this thread and you will understand why the chart shows losses.

4) Lee's live is a variation of strategies that I am testing with real money, I aim to offer 3 type of accounts, Conservative, Moderate and Risky. All 3 accounts will have different R:R ratios and minimum investments. Conservative is operational right now, Moderate and risky are still being backtested, sometimes I trade Moderate and risky in lee's live, this is my choice because it's my own money. Take a look at managed account 1 to see the conservative stragy in action on a real money clients account.

5) I am not concerned about the account showing losses, I can easily create a new myfxbook account, change my broker account and start again, 99% of people on here would do that but not me, because I am confident people will invest because I am being up front and honest about my strategies and will win them over with proof. My strategy is a viable business and my investment products will be offered within my local community, most of the people investing in my strategy will be friends, family and local investors. If the myfxbook community invest great, if not I'll still make money. If no one invests I'll still make money.

6) I am still not setup to offer pamm accounts, I thought pepperstone would be able to fulfill this service but the slippage and requotes are unacceptable, if my clients don't make money, what is the point? I am still on the lookout for a criminal (broker) that offers pamm accounts and doesnt use virtaul dealer. The managed account 1 client is trading from the VPS, I only have so much processing power so that's the reason why I can't offer you an account yet.

If anyone can suggest a decent broker offering pamm accounts then please do so and I'll test them out.

I will not use zulutrade because the broker that they use is a scam, zulu offer commisions by widening the spreads on clients accounts, totally and utterly unacceptable in my opinion. The slippage, wider spreads and wild requotes would cause loosing trades on my clients accounts!

Please also take note: It was never my intention to trade clients money from my PC at home and I have never done that, if I want to risk my own money trading from home, that's my choice. Clients money is traded from a VPS of which I employ my own monitoring on top of theirs.

If you agree with all of the above then by all means continue to follow my story, if not then I'd appreciate it if you moved on and looked elsewhere. I've spent a long time developing the systems and views on money management and they are not open to debate.

Sep 19 2011 at 13:19
247 posts
The bottom line is: you have no positive Track Record and are calling rubbish to other people's systems and calling them crooks. Isn't it funny! Just because you did some back test it doesn't mean anything.

Sep 23 2011 at 11:03
75 posts
The following changes have taken place in this account:

I've setup colours and names in the magic numbers for easier analysis. This will enable you to see clearly which strategies are profitable and which are not.

The following changes to the EA's have taken place...

EUR / USD M1 Strategy: Removed, account balance too low.

USD/CHF Asian Scalper: Removed, account balance too low.

USD/CAD Trader: Removed, profitable but not enough trades to warrant inclusion.

Cable Pattern: Added

Cable Breakout: Added

Blue Hogs: Added

Slug16: Added, Candle deviator that hunts MDP users trades. MDP is a loosing strategy due to market saturation, Slug16 takes advantage of that fact and counter trades MDP. Slug16 has never been tested on a MT4 broker so in all honestly I don't know if this will work. We shall see.

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