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LTEA AGGRESSIVE (by Libertytrading)

Gain: +969.2%
Drawdown: 26.79%
Pips: 6219.8
Trades: 5025
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:500
Trading: Automated
Jan 19 at 06:03
1 posts
I want to buy this advisor

Jan 19 at 14:22
13 posts
Well it sure looks good.
And the leverage here is not particularly scary.

Jan 19 at 14:38
4 posts
But I was wondering what exactly you should pay attention to when choosing such a system. After all, they all provide the same and quite general parameters. And I would like to know more to make a really good choice. No one wants to take a risk without a good reason.

Feb 16 at 05:10
13 posts
Very good EA. Do you mind providing some information about this? Thank you.

Mar 03 at 09:57
24 posts
Excellent demo account and if you can, feel free to share some details about it on the platform please, thank you.

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