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Magic-Champ II PRO - Account 03 (By LiveTrading )

The user has deleted this system.

Magic-Champ II PRO - Account 03 Discussion

Starlight73 (starlight_fx)
Apr 25 2012 at 14:22
10 posts
hi, why this account is going bad and the others are different?

May 30 2012 at 18:28
8 posts
yeah MC II for april have +4.73, but this must be similar but have -13% 🙃

Sep 03 2012 at 08:08
31 posts
Money management of this EA is totally wrong! This EA has a lot of potential if it is modified with the right MM.
I asked via help support to modify this EA because in the long run it is a loser in a statistical sense, but they have insulted me and laughed .... God forgive the ignorant!

ForexInnovation GmbH
Sep 03 2012 at 08:41
15 posts
we are very sorry to see, that you sitll didn't get the point of partial sales and dynamic SL.

the winning pips are so high, caused by the partial sales.
litte example
2 Trades. Each with 1 Lot. and 5 Splits (5 times 0.2 Lot)
the first Trade is a profit Trade. the second trade is a SL
TP 1 = 5 Pips
TP 2 = 10 Pips
TP 3 = 15 Pips
TP 4 = 20 Pips
TP 5 = 25 Pips
--> And here it is, the crucial question: how many pips did this trade produce??? myfxbook would say: 75 Pips. MetaTrader would say the same. What would you say?

The second trade is the SL with 30 Pips Loss.

What is the final Pips P/L???
we would say that the final P/L would be devastating negative. myfxbook and MetaTrader would say that some money was lost, but some Pips were won ... do you know what we mean?

so, finally: don't look at the Pips Gain!!! Look at the money. the partial close at different TP Levels leads to some wrong calculations results in myfxbook.

if you dont believe us and if you are not able to follow our explanation and calculation, why don't you ask Birt. maybe you believe him if you dont trust us


due to the server change, this account was switched to the New Pepperstone Edge server. this account won't update anymore and will be switched to the new MC-II PRO

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