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Manna (By MoneyCode )

Gain : -4.3%
Drawdown 7.61%
Pips: -202.7
Trades 19
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:200
Trading: Automated

Manna Discussion

Dec 20 2013 at 16:06
31 posts
Past 2 days (12/18 and 12/19) I was slightly frustrated with the performance of the Manna system as is. On 2 occasions it had over 2% profit twice, but didn't capture it as I would have wanted it to. Keep in mind, the system uses ONE .1 lot only, and does compound earnings or used much margin at all. It's based on a 2k account risk model margin of 50:1.

One of those occasions it missed a fill by just a couple of pips. Version 2 will take on these type of challenges is in process of development presently.

 In addition a brand new strategy which uses the 60 min chart and different logic, is also under development and is showing promise to me.

Will try to keep some notes posted on this thread going forward as I find time.

Dec 20 2013 at 16:40
31 posts
When looking at the performance chart here, it shows the margin is 200:1, however that is not correct. I keep setting to 50:1 but it reverts back to 200:1 per the brokers max. The account size also reflects a $5000 account, and that is incorrect also, as the strategy is designed to use .1 lots which is suitable for a 2k account and it is what the design was based on. The percentage gain or loss on the performance chart reflects a gain or loss based on a $5000 account rather than a $2000 account. So the actually gain or loss would be more than double what this performance chart would suggest. I choose the $5000 demo account so that it would able to run more than one strategy at a time.
Also note the start date of Manna was 12/05/2013 . The trades shown before 12/05 were manual test and set up type trades.

After watching myfxbook run and mt4 run, it is easy to see how these results could get skewed by manual intervention. For instance on the two occasions that the profit was up more than 2% on a trade, it would have been very easy to just manually step in an lock in the profit.

But I wanted the system to react on it's own. It gain's nothing by manual intervention, and results here are then worthless. Unless the system is marketed as a 'trader assist' strategy auto/manual design. The results here are completely automated from 12/05/2013.

Myfxbook seems to have many 'sketchy' results systems. They look great but as then you're not sure if they are legit or not.

I would like any suggestions how to fully substantiate a systems performance going forward. Above and beyond all reproach, and raising the standard to unquestionable.
Any ideas and suggestions would be valued.
Jan 04 2014 at 15:09
31 posts
Extreme market volatility has exposed some weaknesses in the trading logic of manna. I'm going to continue leaving manna posted, and it will make a useful comparative benchmark for manna2 (which is on the way). And the long term results are still very much on par with testing tolerances.
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