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Manual Rojak (History Record) (By DoubleTrap )

Gain : -264.47%
Drawdown 174.48%
Pips: -1567.0
Trades 103
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:100
Trading: Unknown

Manual Rojak (History Record) Discussion

DoubleTrap (ForexSeeker)
May 04 2010 at 00:01
814 posts
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This is not something you can see everyday. The haywire of demo sever 2, other demo server seem fine.

So you actually can have negative account if go haywire.


Information is Gold when come to organised.
May 04 2010 at 00:18
68 posts
May 04 2010 at 03:26
2 posts
Using IBFX for your demo? Some other people I know reported a similar problem with it today, and I too was also showing an error like this on EURUSD on my IBFX demo. Only solution is to close the platform and delete the history files, then start it back up.

Its no fun having your forward demo tests completely ruined by a poor demo server feed.

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