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Manual trades indicator (By keryxa )

The user has deleted this system.

Manual trades indicator Discussion

Dec 19 2015 at 19:29
20 posts
Hello, first I say absolutely not sell anything. I just come to offer my services and help people with my trading and knowledge., I live in Russia took more than 10 years in the world of forex. Management accounts professionally and for serious investors. Along approximately half between 100-500% every month, all trade with SL and TP are very studied. The maximum DD for this benefit is 40%, but has never lost. The conditions for me to manage the account are:
- $ 1,000 minimum investment
- Share 50% of the gains each month skrill payment.
- Serious investors. The client chooses the broker.
For more information my skype is: arttreider

Dec 20 2015 at 08:41
385 posts
You are not selling anything..Really? It looks to me like you are advertising your service to manage people's accounts.
100-500% every month..Wow! Not even the big guys can achieve this.
Would you sign up to have your account managed by someone who boasts a one day old account?
Dec 21 2015 at 05:48
20 posts
Use indicators, this indicator has developed himself who needs can sell for $ 500 to buy please contact Skype arttreider
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