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ManualTradingLite (By Tan Phuoc Tran )

The user has deleted this system.

ManualTradingLite Discussion

Tan Phuoc Tran (phuoctrantan)
Jan 15 at 22:29
4 posts
This is my Liteforex copy trade account

Feb 05 at 10:35
27 posts
The profit on this system is very good. Keep up the good work.

Feb 11 at 04:17
20 posts
That is a very high leverage but your system looks great. Keep it up!

Mar 10 at 11:06
20 posts
This manual system could really use some changes. What strategy and technique did you use for it?

Mar 30 at 06:10
15 posts
You are doing quite good in your trading career, as I can see. Looks like copy trading turned out to be a good option for you. When I tried to copy a few trades, none of them really worked for me. So, I decided to build my own strategies and use them.

Apr 17 at 05:19
8 posts
You can also try some automated trading systems for a better result. Anyway what strategy did you use here.

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