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maxs be (By Agung tjahyo )

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maxs be Discussion

The Billione (maximized)
Nov 08 2012 at 16:10
13 posts
The Billione (maximized)
Nov 23 2012 at 09:51
13 posts
Can I Invest $ 5000 with your sistem?

Agung tjahyo (Agung2012)
Nov 23 2012 at 12:17
112 posts
Hello my name is Agung Tjahyo from Indonesia,
I apologize for my language is poor english,
I just run my own account,
 because a lot of requests then I will try to be a money manager

Account must be made in EXNESS,
you can see in
I will make your account,(must)
 please provide me your name, home address, email address, city name, country, post code, then you can send the money through internal transfers or yours liberty reserve so time is taken to ensure the money can only be taken by your own.
I also can not take it.

Earlier I gave the information that the profit was in line with the risks, before I say incredible benefits that you are 100% ready to accept defeat? This you should know
 before entering the actual trade.
This trade is high risk, not all of us are comfortable with the risk.
The report that is given 100% the same as what I had with all my myfxbook locked unless your equity that looks more down or up.
Min money is $ 50,
distribution yield is 30% and you have 70%,
division carried on every month.

agung tjahyo

if you win today and lose tomorrow its call Gambling, If you win today and tomoorrow will be Winner itis call Work, if today you have to earn money is called active Income, If tommorrow you do not have to work becouse the money is constan and tend to increase is called PASSIVE INCOME
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