Vanguard is based on a Duo-strategy system that is designed to trade the trending market and adaptable to market breakout.

Vanguard is derived and split from the original Radiance System cutting away the ranging strategy within. This is relatively new, but we are using proven mathematical and statistical system and formula from our proprietary system. We do expect the strategy to perform better than the original Radiance Strategy as the trading signal becomes more accurate. The proprietary trading system trades mostly during the Asian & European Trading Hours, it is able to trade in a Trending Market and Breakout Market.

The competitive edge lies in the duo-strategy systems so it is adaptable to multiple market scenarios such as a Trending market and adaptable to breakouts, it is 80% Technical Based and 20% Fundamental macro driven. Stop Loss may or may not be seen as the Master Account operates in stealth mode for its stop loss to prevent liquidity and false market movements during low liquidity hours such as market closing or weekends.

This is a hybrid strategy system which utilizes our Algorithm EA to trade the trending market and discretionary-Automated system while trading the Breakout Markets - Under the supervision of the Risk Trader. Typically, trades are held up to 2 days or less and 1 week for market breakouts. The system will de-leverage its exposure and not trade on too many currency pairs to avoid further draw-down during indecisive market movements or false market breakouts.

Vanguard, although is classified as (High-Risk) as its fluctuation of risk, is around 3-9% averagely. Potential of gains is in the middle of the month while 1st and 4th week of the month are slightly lower leverage due to events and increasing uncertainty for month end's closing.

However strict risk management techniques are always utilized in accordance with the pre-determined trading strategy in an attempt to keep exposure and maximum intra-day and monthly drawdowns within acceptable tolerances. Trading is stopped if one of the pre-defined intra-day and/or monthly drawdown is hit. Before each trading session a thorough analysis is performed, to evaluate whether the trades can accommodate larger positions with regards to quality of the signal, market conditions, liquidity and possibility of external events such as currency interventions.

Estimated Monthly Targets: 4-8%
Estimated Draw-down: 3-9%
Estimated Peak Trough: 20%
Estimated Yearly ROI: 40-90%

Vanguard is Invitational only due to its current track record is still being incubated.