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MillionDaxPips (By rawest)

Gain : +685.85%
Drawdown 11.83%
Pips: 4577.8
Trades 10304
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:500
Trading: Automated

MillionDaxPips Discussion

FxMasterGuru (FxMasterGuru)
Jun 26 2015 at 17:52
1607 posts
Why not REAL account...?


Please click "Vouch" if you liked my post. If not, just put me on your Blocked list. :o)
Jun 28 2015 at 08:45
4 posts
Funny pic ;-)

Real account follows in near future, when having enough money to test. EU and GU microlot real account is already running. I will link it, have patience :-)
And in this time, you can post more of your funny (but useless) pics ;-)

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