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Mt4-282836 (By RajNapalBot)

Gain : +1.53%
Drawdown 9.03%
Pips: 171.2
Trades 45
Type: Demo
Leverage: -
Trading: Unknown

Mt4-282836 Discussion

Apr 17 2015 at 17:05
4 posts
i have had this EA for two days and so far I can state that the EA is performing as advertised. 6 trades placed and all were with varying positive results.

Participation is nothing... Winning is everything...
Apr 22 2015 at 10:52
4 posts
Clearly I am not getting the same trades as the Author. Nothing about his trades even comes close to representing my LIVE trades.

I have an EURUSD open with a huge loss and given the ridiculous Stop loss of 1000 pips and the fact that I am well over 100 pips down already I will manually shut this trade down, take the hit and place this EA in the garbage bin where it belongs.

Participation is nothing... Winning is everything...
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