Hello Everyone

I like to set a manual 'guaranteed' StopLoss at 5 pips (profit) then use my (15) TrailingStop to hunt out any extra points I might get.

To achieve my goals, I allow my order/s to increase by 15 pips (4 digit platform) and set my StopLoss at the minimum level of 5 pips.

It also involves setting a High & Low range finding the center point and placing orders within a given range of 'center', below 'center' its Buy, above 'center' its Sell.

My trading strategy also involves using the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and AUD/USD as a form of hedging one off the other if all goes wrong, so no losing StopLoss is ever needed.

High risk, but like the old golden rule states 'only trade with what you can afford to lose'

Good luck