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My Prosperity Demo (By Gypsy_Rose )

Gain : +140.51%
Drawdown 15.19%
Pips: 2436.3
Trades 1206
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:500
Trading: Unknown

My Prosperity Demo Discussion

Gypsy_Rose (GeriAndrews)
Jan 13 at 19:23
5 posts
Trades taken 1/13/23: 1917.06, 1917.69 (sells)

these trades were opened as a test of my new VPS. The market was bullish at this time but we will see how this plays out.
Jan 17 at 17:36
66 posts
Bad careful
Gypsy_Rose (GeriAndrews)
Jan 18 at 08:07
5 posts
yeah they were stuck in drawdown for like a day, then I turned the bot back on and they all closed out. Bahh. I'm gonna be re-adjusting the settings again tomorrow. I'm working with a bot for now because my full time job keeps me super busy.
Gypsy_Rose (GeriAndrews)
Jan 26 at 20:42
5 posts
12:37 PM

Sitting here in my new airbnb, loving the view.

Restarted my bot today and it took one trade @ 12:34 @ 1929.85- a buy at 0.20 lots. Watching to see where this goes.

Continuing to trial this...essentially this is a test of my VPS to make sure it runs smoothly since I'm in a new place (again). Fingers crossed.
Gypsy_Rose (GeriAndrews)
Jan 27 at 17:04
5 posts

0858 (current time, PST)-
four sells taken:

1927.44 @ 0.20 lot size
1927.96 @ 0.24 lot size
1930.50 @ 0.29 lot size
1931.56 @ 0.35 lot size

all with a TP of 1928.98

The TP is higher than the EP for the first two when it should be lower. A bugaboo that happens when the trades go into drawdown (martingale strategy). I will often try to remedy this by resetting the TPs manually. This time I will let them run.

looking to see what the outcome of these will be
Gypsy_Rose (GeriAndrews)
Jan 30 at 01:02
5 posts
The wins have been small but consistent. Looking forward to seeing what happens overnight on London session.
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