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Neural network - constant range bars (By mikkaworks)

Gain : +255.63%
Drawdown 50.63%
Pips: 30763.7
Trades 269
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:50
Trading: Manual

Neural network - constant range bars Discussion

Oct 13 2009 at 17:29
5 posts
Hi, could you tell me more about your system??

Oct 14 2009 at 02:13
5 posts
yeah it uses constant range bars, and what so special about them is they, ignore time, and only change when there is actual price movement. And they are combined with a tweaked MA (Moving average).

And the system is basically a trending system.

Oct 14 2009 at 19:48
1 posts
is it available to purchase / subscribe to ?

Nov 12 2009 at 01:34
9 posts
Is your system like renko-ashi. How do you determine TP and SL ?

Cyrillic (Cyrillic)
Feb 28 2010 at 17:43
13 posts
Is the system available for purchase? drop me a pm...

If it can't be bought its not worth my time...
Oct 29 2011 at 13:54
1 posts
He stopped trading. I know because I taught him how to trade.

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