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NewGeneric v2 (RannFx) (By ReVeR27)

Gain : +121.66%
Drawdown 13.33%
Pips: 2113.5
Trades 907
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:200
Trading: Automated

NewGeneric v2 (RannFx) Discussion

ReVeR27 (ReVeR27)
Nov 04 2020 at 10:27
28 posts
Практически год торговли сигнала.
Доходность превысила 100%!
Стабильная кривая роста, прибыльная торговля.
Almost a year of signal trading.
The yield has exceeded 100%!
Stable growth curve, profitable trading.

Trading proved by times
ReVeR27 (ReVeR27)
Jan 03 at 13:38
28 posts
This account is traded by my advisor Sunshine, which my team and I finished testing at the end of 2019, and since January 2020 it has been working stably on a real account. It is a night owl that closes positions with small targets in the Asian session. And although the Profit Factor value is not so high, this system brought income steadily. For the last 8 months in a row, trading has been a plus. In total for the year, the profit exceeded all expectations, while trading with very conservative risks. The average length of holding a position in the market was 7 hours and 22 minutes. The percentage of profitable trades is 83%. The work on the account will continue with the same settings and risks, I see no reason to change what works well.

Trading proved by times
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