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Nillones EA JFD Brokers (By paulvan )

The user has deleted this system.

Nillones EA JFD Brokers Discussion

Nov 03 2016 at 18:51
35 posts
Hello, I am sharing the nillones EA, for any questions, please contact me to email:


Nov 04 2016 at 06:00
61 posts
result very nice...why withdwal not doing...

Nov 04 2016 at 09:06
30 posts
Nillones EA - this SCAM

and many clone SCAM-user

Nov 06 2016 at 19:21
35 posts
Hi Promoatcionea

Prove to me I am a scammer? I think you are the scammer and your EAs

Why not use your EA in regulated brokers?

Nov 07 2016 at 02:12
29 posts
Please read your emails from 3 days ago, as you have not responded yet, and I also sent you a PM.

Nov 09 2016 at 17:35
35 posts
Hello Geteichsoon

Let me check and Thanks for your interested

Nov 10 2016 at 12:03
97 posts
promoatcionea posted:
Nillones EA - this SCAM

and many clone SCAM-user

We commented on a scammers system , and we get called a scammer. totally BS. What a loser.

Nothing but scammers on this site. I post comment on his system with facts about how slippage doesn't exist in the mt4 strategy tester - - Then the guy deletes his systems and all profiles. He then registers NEW - - And calls me a scammer, but before doing so, he blocks me to prevent me from commenting on his disccusion. WTF.,1

My original comments 'Blocked 2 users already and you've only been a member for less than 10 hours. I call this dubious.

No Account is verified, this means = DEMO '

Nov 10 2016 at 20:48
35 posts
Dear colleagues, I would like you to know that in the beginning I wanted to use the EA for myself, for running my accounts, but I had many demand for the EA and I thought in selling some copies. Recently I receive an email from seller, nillones, begging me not sell the EA, because there were some people who were selling it.
I am a serious person, with honor, and I decided not selling any copy and only use for me, for my accounts. For that reason, what I propose to all of you is to buy EA to own creator, Nillones.
Thanks for your interest, I wish all of you the best,

Nov 14 2016 at 07:28
1 posts
I think you have the right to sell, because you already paid for that EA

Nov 15 2016 at 05:54
35 posts
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