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NMi Super Climber Ste 18% Risk (By NewMillenniumInc )

The user has deleted this system.

NMi Super Climber Ste 18% Risk Discussion

Ozzie Matt (aeronthomas)
Jun 12 2013 at 14:04
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Which Ea is this Adam?
Jun 13 2013 at 03:26
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aeronthomas posted:
Which Ea is this Adam?

Its a private EA and that of one of the partners of NMi and not available as a retail/released EA or as an EA available in the NMi Experts Gateway.

It is traded on a MAM at Axitrader, click on the NMi Super Climber managed account on this page This shows the system traded at 2.5% risk per trade starting just preceding a drawdown period which it has subsequently recovered from.

The 'LAMBO' account, traded at 18% risk per trade entered at later date, while the 2.5% account was in drawdown, and subsequently had the benefit of a sweeter entry into the system and its subsequent winning run.

18% risk per trade is very high risk and the account owner understands that there will very high drawdowns, of 60-70% are anticipated and potentially the near total loss of account, but in backtesting for the past 12 years such risk per trade has proven to hold up. This is a high risk approach but the potential ROI is likewise extreme, certainly at this risk level 1K can turn into well excess of 1M inside of 12 months at various points throughout its backtested history, we call it 'the millionaire approach', the account will get there or die trying :)

Separately some folks run larger secondary account at much lower risk per trade and even at 2.5% risk per trade it still posts a respectable return for not very much drawdown, as you can see even on bad entry into the system, just 7.5% from a peak.

The MAM account as listed on myfxbook is the combination of all risk profiles and all deposits as they have occurred so its is smoothed and falls between the 2.5% risk and 18% risk per trade myfxbook listed account.

The one thing all account have in common is that all these accounts are traded by exactly the same EA on the same MAM, every account gets identical entries and every entry almost exactly aligns with the backtested history, which is an important aspect to this system and why we rely so heavily on its past history as backtesting indicates. Backtesting when done correctly can be very accurate and indicative of future performance, and that is being well proven with this system in fwd trading of real money accounts. Thus far the execution in real is net a small positive slip, so this is not a negative factor so far.

The system recently (this week) received an upgrade, being an extra entry which nearly doubles the ROI for only slight increase in drawdown and each improvement of the backtest (and the subsequent settings used on the MAM) is listed in the NMi myfxbook profile (the trades of which will all very nearly exactly match the real trades taken).

We don't aggressively market the MAM and are happy to let it grow organically, no referrals are paid, only a 20% performance fee is levied and we pass on the entire benefit of the IB commission we receive from Axi Trader to investors by way of reduced trading costs ($5 v $7 in round numbers).

In short its a good thing for many reasons, some of which I haven't even touched upon here and I'm just glad to be part of it. Of course as with any system, past performance cant be relied upon as a guarantee of future performance, markets can and do change in ways that render previously profitable systems, unprofitable.

Inquiries can be directed to [email protected] or submit ticket at

Cheers, Adam :)
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