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Only Discussion

Sep 02 2009 at 22:24
19 posts
Patrick (only85)
Sep 03 2009 at 00:37
8 posts
My Optimized PipTurbo. Cool Right?
Sep 22 2009 at 05:04
9 posts
Great results..and on a live account.
Have you tried on any other broker?
Which version of Pip Turbo?
Patrick (only85)
Sep 22 2009 at 12:28
8 posts
Yup i feel quite happy with the result. i got try some other broker. But many spread are high which are not good on scalping. Any good recommend with referral program will be cool.
Sep 22 2009 at 15:27
14 posts
Would you mind sharing your templates?
Sep 23 2009 at 04:22
9 posts
I have VS_EURCHFDO1, which may be the same as Pipturbo.
Would you mind listing you set file. Or did you buy it?
I will try on FXDD and Gomarkets
Patrick (only85)
Sep 23 2009 at 11:41
8 posts
who have more detail chat can add msn: [email protected] or email me [email protected]
Mike House (c0deZ)
Sep 23 2009 at 16:37
4 posts
So pip turbo is no longer available? How would one go about getting one?
Patrick (only85)
Oct 07 2009 at 03:18
8 posts
Well you can buy it @
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