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Opus 08 (By katajikenai )

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Opus 08 Discussion

katajikenai (katajikenai)
May 25 2017 at 14:11
13 posts
About EA logic

Breakout logic, 24 hour scalping, Asian time scalping, and Swing trade.

All EA passed back test 1999-2017.‌

B‌ack test and forward test is almost corresponding.

Each logic is independent. Even if all positions are copied in the same lot, they have high profitability.

It is stable, less unrealized losses and high reproducibility.

A‌ll EA have 1 position, no Martingale, no grid, not using M1 timeframe.

Long-term analysis and Reproducibility
katajikenai (katajikenai)
May 28 2017 at 07:38
13 posts
I have set for 'Opus 08'.

Thank you.

Long-term analysis and Reproducibility
mic29 (mic29)
May 31 2017 at 05:57
5 posts
katajikenai (katajikenai)
May 31 2017 at 09:24
13 posts
Thank you for asking the question.
I'm sorry, we do not sell EA.

Long-term analysis and Reproducibility
Jun 01 2017 at 06:30
17 posts
I think it is very shady because you, as a signal provider wannabe (because you seem not to have many clients, or none), are trading your own account with a shady broker.

katajikenai (katajikenai)
Jun 01 2017 at 11:45
13 posts
Dear 1000percentscam

Thank you for your comment.
Surely the broker I'm trading is syaby.
This point is currently being verified by multiple brokers.

Thank you.

Long-term analysis and Reproducibility
Jun 13 2017 at 06:32
1 posts
Hello Hodoka, I subscribed today at Signalstart. I also use to read your news at mql5. Excellent !!! 😄
Stay in touch!

Thank you

Jun 16 2017 at 06:36
2 posts
Hi Hodaka
My broker Tickmill-Live02
Between our servers, it may be a long delay.
How much is affected by a delay in subscribing to your signal ?
And how should I subscribe to mql5 or Signalstart ?

Thank you.

katajikenai (katajikenai)
Jun 20 2017 at 00:06
13 posts
Dear ExchangeTrade

The effect of delay can be checked on the MQL 5 site.

Signal start is registered on the next page.

In addition, the auto trade of myfxbook will be exhibited if the balance exceeds 1000 dollars.

Thank you.

Long-term analysis and Reproducibility
katajikenai (katajikenai)
Nov 29 2017 at 15:46
13 posts
■ Explanation about EA logic
'Opus 08' is a collection of EA trade, including Breakout logic, 24-hour scalping (Market follower and Contrarian) logic, Asian session scalping logic and Trend follow swing trade logic.
All EAs have cleared the back test at 3 pips from 1999-2017.
Forward test resembles back test.
Each logic is completely independent. Even when all positions are copied with the same lot number, we have profitability. However, in that case, the influence of the swing trade will become greater. The result of combining the above EA is little inclusion loss.
As a general rule, all EA have only 1 position. If you have the same position in the same currency, that is because another type of EA has 1 position each. We don't use Martingale, Grid type EA in this signal. Also, each EA does not use M1 time flame.
There is a possibility to arrange EA, set/change parameters, and perform any other EA management based on the policy of author.
Under any market conditions, EA will continue to operate without stopping.

■ Guidance on signal reception
We recommend starting at least 0.01 lot trade per $400 margin in leverage 1:500 account. Refer to the data for reference values of drawdown.
We will continue 'Opus 08' forever.
'Opus 08' simply means management number of signals. The same Opus number of the other signal indicates the same logic.
We will not sell EA.
For broker selection, please select a highly reliable broker with a low spread, strong execution enforcement, no withdrawal trouble etc.

■ More information:

■ History
[Reduction of delivery side risk: 1] June 2017
[Addition of EA from the start of signal: 1] August 2017 : 16 charts, 4 logic, multiple currency pairs and XAUUSD added.
[Fine adjustment of breakdown of each EA lot number: 1] September 13, 2017
[Other parameter change: 1] Fine adjustment of closing time of Friday closing system
[elimination of EA from the start of signal: 0] There is no plan to delete EA.
[Monitoring of delivery side broker: no abnormality]
[Page last updated: September 25, 2017]

Long-term analysis and Reproducibility
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