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Osiris Ragnarok II (By Osiris )

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Osiris Ragnarok II Discussion

Osiris (GuardianTrustFX)
Nov 28 2017 at 07:25
16 posts
Osiris Ragnarok II Notes

As we keep evaluating the 1st trade as a guide to find the trend, our 'hedge' (trend) shorts USDJPY found a wall against the Stop Loss paced at 111.68 (we needed to add 5-pips; 111.74) this failure added (789.59) in losses. As the value zone '50' has been rejected we decided to place all trades again at 111.22 level. Later, the Japanese yen appreciated towards the low of the day at 110.87 handle.

See attached image for all trade information.

Jose Ricaurte Jaen
Designer and Co-founder Osiris

Osiris EA® RR: 1.08
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