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PAMM Trading Ac -Instaforex (By Jason Thomas )

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PAMM Trading Ac -Instaforex Discussion

Jason Thomas (indiaforextrade)
Jan 19 2012 at 06:00
20 posts
Invest in our PAMM account with Instaforex For 15- 30% a month returns:

PAMM-Account Terms & Conditions

Minimal investment sum in your PAMM-account $10.
The average monthly profit of 20% - 40% or More
Distribution of profits: Investors -70%
PAMM-Trader - 30%
Partner - 10%
Minimal investment timeframe :30 days (But think longer-term)
Prepayment penalty of the investment sum: 5%
In order to make a profit you have to cut short your losing trades and let the winners ride
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