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PFR - FXPro (By pipdetector )

Gain : +167.97%
Drawdown 25.10%
Pips: -1687.8
Trades 1160
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:200
Trading: Automated

PFR - FXPro Discussion

Dave Errey (etech)
Feb 03 2011 at 21:48
5 posts
Hi, I see you are running the PFR. I also have it running on a few of my accounts. I have a question about the comments. Is your EA or Broker recording each comment (PROFX_0, PROFX_1...etc) for each trade or is it missing some? What broker are you testing on? I have my Real accounts on IBFX-AU.

Feb 03 2011 at 22:07
78 posts
I am not at home not, so I cannot tell for sure, but definitely I have noticed that some trades are without the comment. I also have noticed some more erratic behavior. One of the most 'strange' was when I manually assigned the amounts for each of the martingale level and PFR used to open the first of the trades (PROFX_0) at 2.5x the original value that I assigned. Some other strange things: sometimes PFR opened two trades at the same time one with a comment and the other without. This is acceptable with the low martingale level, but if this happened at PROFX_6 then the account could be severely reduced. (As far as I remember there was an occurence in which after a losing PROFX_6 the EA opened another PROFX_6 trade, which proved to be a loser too). I should not complain, as in sum the EA is still profitable especially on the demos accounts, but the irregularities bother me.
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