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Phibase RayBOT V4 Risk7 Fibo (By binaryeasy )

The user has deleted this system.

Phibase RayBOT V4 Risk7 Fibo Discussion

Feb 07 2016 at 14:18
90 posts
RayBot Scalper V4 - Latest Technology Development by Phibase
Product pricing & Information:

EA Running on a forward test using FiboGroup STP/NDD Account:

20% Discount Promotion Available on LifeTime License, ask for more info.

RayBOT Trades price swings between Support/Resistances. RayBOT is a frequent trader making about 5 to 10 trades per week on each symbol.

Optimization parameters updated automatically by EA from the server. Critical parameter optimization and testing done on monthly basis by our R&D.

Potential to gain about 10% per month using recommended risk. CAGR of over 60%. Trading multiple currency pairs ensures steady gain in equity.

Max drawdown seen in backtests is less than 25% (<800 pips) over 9 years. With automatic optimization feature, drawdowns will be much lower and shorter.

Professionally designed to cut losses early and allow good trades run to maximize gains. Non Grid/Non Martingale system. NFA/FIFO compatible.

High quality tickData strategy tests from 2007-2015. Robustness tested using different pairs proving RayBOT can handle any kind of price action.

Positive risk reward with win rate of above 57%. Average stoploss size is about 35 pips only. RayBOT cuts losses early and lets winners run.

The EA can be run on any broker and any account type. Trades will be similar across all brokers. Higher gains on brokers with lower spreads.

Feb 07 2016 at 14:42
90 posts
Back Testing based on Dukas copy accurate tick data by development team.

Feb 07 2016 at 15:28
1916 posts
it not only take a good programeur to make a good product,must be associated with a good proven trader...wich does not seem to to be the case with you guys

Feb 07 2016 at 16:43
90 posts
rob559 posted:
it not only take a good programeur t make a good product,must be associated with a good proven trader...

Note down we only monitor other developers here to show people 3rd party forward test of commercial products, for them to make a better educated decision. This myfxbook isnt about us being good traders or not or about us programming something, we do not program commercial EAs but testing here other developer products for people to study from a 3rd party test before making any decision.

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