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pipRaptor V17 (By pipRaptorV17 )

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pipRaptor V17 Discussion

Feb 24 2014 at 12:31
2 posts
is a month that we are trying the new EA pipRaptor V17 and with excellent results

if you want to use it, just download it and set the lot, it connects to our central server and opens and follows orders for you, the version is already ready to build 600 of metatrader 4

also uses this space for all the doubts and clarifications... and have a good trading!!!


Feb 26 2014 at 15:46
2 posts
In the pipRaptor development we tried to simplify it as much as possible, by automating and delegating to the CENTRAL SERVER all operations

In this way , the parameters to be set are very few and of simple intuition

payMail = IS ONLY IF YOU PAY THE SUBSCRIPTION , then you put the email used for payment , and in this way you have THE FULL VERSION, that opens ALL ORDERS
If you are NOT a subscriber , you can ignore this parameter, and the CENTRAL SERVER automatically activates you the FREE VERSION that opens HALF of the orders, randomly selected

baseLots = is the BASE LOT, then the pipRaptor rules the lot of orders, increasing it to take more with orders having take of few pips, but if they remain lower for orders with long take

prefix and suffix = serve if your broker uses specific prefixes or suffixes for currencies, for example, if your broker uses EURUSD - fx instead of EURUSD, then set the prefix = ' - fx' or if it puts a POINT after the symbol of the couple, then set suffix = '.'

maxOrds = is the MAXIMUM number of orders that can be open simultaneously, in general pipRaptor open a couple of orders together, but for safety (e.g. if you have a low account) you can set maxOrds = 5 or even = 1 to have maximum 1 order at a time

stopMoney = is a STOP LOSS OF SECURITY INCOME, for example, if you have € 1,000 in the account, but you use also other EA or your personal trading, you can set stopMoney = 200 and pipRaptor only works with that figure, and if the total loss reaches 200 Euros, it closes everything and stops, without touching the rest of you account

takeMoney = is a TAKE PROFIT IN TOTAL MONEY, if you want to limit the risk , you can set it to a certain amount , and he, when it reaches that, it closes everything and stops


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