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Prop Firm (By Haji Warithu )

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Prop Firm Discussion

Haji Warithu (warithu78)
Oct 01 2020 at 22:27
3 posts
Initially a good start but end up 0.9 % loss for September. One thing attribute to that was having too much repeated loss. On the losing streak, I focus on the system and cut my loss short as soon as I see it wrong or I let it get stopped out.

Ive Learned that my Algo needs to be tweaked. BUt WHat brings back the losses were Price Action alone and knowing where the institutional market were.

But with the limitation of the Proprietary rules, I think attribute to the risk management well handled and its a matter of money management to flatten the drawdown curve.

I ve learned that If I reduce my trading size after a 1 loss and trade again IF won, then start increasing back the size. Rpeeat this whole money management process and should flatten the curve well.

I had a drawdown 2.65% which to me is high but I manage to control the risk in order not to go below 5%.

Overall A good start of October and I hope I continue to trade consistently winning again.

FOcus on the process of the system

Trade like a Predator.
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