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rampokScalp-real (By Wendy Loiharto )

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rampokScalp-real Discussion

David (sprouty)
Sep 15 2012 at 10:47
1 posts
Rampokscalp Dangerous
I have a few EA,s which I will publish free soon to download. I have been watching rampok scalp, and it interreges me and at the same time it is very dangerous! I tried this EA on a demo and live account, and it has some suprising results. I have this running on 6 brokers and they are all giving different results.
FX Clearing Start 14/8/12 Deposit $5000.00 Balance $1867 -$3133.00 Demo
FXTG Start 10/8/12 Deposit $100000.00 Balance $46,403.94 -$53596.06 Demo
Insta Trader 3/9/12 Deposit $5000.00 Balance $6,023.93 +$1023.93 Demo
Global Clearing Group 14/8/12 Deposit $2000.00 Balance $1637.17 -$362.83 Demo
Alpari Classic 1/9/12 Deposit 2000.00 Balance $376.42 -$1628.58 Live
Alpari Micro 12/9/12 Deposit $500.00 Balance $76.00 -$424.00 Live
Alpari Classic 26/8/12 Deposit $5000.00 Balance $6952.99 +$1952.99 Demo

From these stats they don’t look to clever... From an initial start or $120,000.00 Balance to date
 A loss of -$56,138.00.
Now I looked at the inputs, and you can change these to suit your trading, however, this being a free EA you cannot get in touch with the programmer easily, to get some more info or some useful background on this.
Here is another link on myfxbook Member WeNG using rampokscal cleared the account today, lost his account! Good job he made a drawdown of his initial balance, as today it lost $21,125.79 Live account
So why all the facts, well, I don’t mind testing EA,s but why put our something like rampokscalp, without back up information, without any further input. I know who the programmer is and who he is currently working for, we can all find this out. But it would be better for these guys to follow up on an EA and get more involved with development.
The Hadi Investment (papaprabu)
Feb 15 2013 at 09:10
5 posts
this ea cannot detect trending, so when trending happen & no SL you know what gonna happen..
anything can happen
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