Currency trading is the riskiest of all investments. One of the greatest concerns for investors is how much they could lose on any given trade. This will not happen with this account. After trade entry, SL/TP levels are set. With each trade you will know the approximate win amount and exact loss. I say approximate win amount because profitable trades may be closed early due to multiple factors. You will never have to worry about losing your entire account in a losing trade. I truly care about you and helping us all earn more. Your families are real and so is your money. I am aware of this. In addition, because I said I care about you and your family, there will never be a monthly price increase. You will not be taken advantage of financially. Everything here is transparent, from the trades to the monthly fee.

How many trades will be opened at a time?
Most often one at a time, sometimes two or three. There will never be a lot of trades open risking your account balance.

What is the maximum risk per trade?
Maximum possible loss per trade is approximately $40. Trades will be .10 lots with a S/L setting around 40. If the lot size changes in the future based on account balance I will update here. There will be no Martingale trades attempting to catch up, risking large unprotected losses. If there is a loss it will be small and will never get out of control. I have your account balances in mind.

What is my experience?
22 years U.S. stock market/currency trading.