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Redline (By sstheo )

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Redline Discussion

Redline Trader
Feb 13 2013 at 21:29
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R E D L I N E ---- I like to think of the red line on the tachometer of a finely-tuned race car. The engine is roaring on all cylinders. The throttle, transmission, and breaks are ultra-responsive. The driver is experienced, confident, and eager to win. If he loses, he still remains optimistic long-term, but he usually wins. How does he do it? He keeps it simple, and he is highly disciplined. He tries to always follow his rules and control his emotions. He does his very best. And that's the story of how he often gets the checkered flag, the prize money, and a kiss from a beautiful babe . . . Gentlemen, start your engines!

100% manual. My goal is high-probability, low-risk, profitable trades for my subscribers. But my method is fast and slippage may be an issue. I want to teach subscribers HOW I trade so they can do it themselves, so I share pointers in my daily posts below. For example, I love this racing video that reminds me to be disciplined or I will probably fly off the road and burst into flames. Enjoy!
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