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Retirement fund (By plane1959)

Gain : +47.34%
Drawdown 37.07%
Pips: 5973.6
Trades 1454
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:500
Trading: Automated

Retirement fund Discussion

Apr 10 at 20:17
4 posts
Hey there,
How are you doing? Are you using Ryan EA? Ranger?

plane1959 (plane1959)
Apr 10 at 22:45
2 posts
yeah, this is the account I post in discord channel sometimes when anyone asks for results from people over time

If it aint broke dont fix it!
plane1959 (plane1959)
Apr 10 at 23:31
2 posts
Ive now introduced PP1.9 using GU and Vigorous using EU.... see how it goes!

If it aint broke dont fix it!
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