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RoboFR (By camel8888 )

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RoboFR Discussion

Jun 08 2015 at 06:42
27 posts
GoldBull Pro is from the same guys from Everex Elite EA. The Company behind both EA's Everex Elite and GoldBull Pro is Elite Everex Financial Solutions Ltd. based in Budapest, Hungary.

Both Websites have in common that the don't show real live accounts.

Jun 11 2015 at 07:54
17 posts
Appreciate the info. I decided to give them a try and have been having decent results so far. But as usual, I need to watch the performance very carefully and make adjustments as things change. This account is just for my ability to access the performance when I am traveling but I have seen dozens of folks follow it so it is generating some interest. Hope the authors provide performance that is attractive for all of us. If so, it is win-win.

Jun 11 2015 at 11:08
631 posts
@camel8888 Your live account is one of the only at legitimate broker with ecn execution and real world slippage. Its a prize to watch your account. Thanks for showing and giving this EA a whirl.

Jun 11 2015 at 12:35
17 posts
In this case I am happy to be the guinea pig. Can't always say that.

Jun 12 2015 at 12:01
11 posts
Hi do you use VPS? Whats your latency like? thanks

Jun 12 2015 at 17:53
17 posts
Yes, I use Their quoted latency to my broker (IC Markets) is 1ms. I have not checked it myself, however. Their team has given me great support. I wasn't sure it was worth going with a higher cost VPS Provider but it has been a good move. It only takes one time when your bargain provider fails to support you when you are in a pinch and all the savings of the cheap service are gone. That's experience talking :-)

Forex Godmode (GodModeTrading)
Jun 13 2015 at 05:50
20 posts
Very Nice Information sir,

And Which setting use this ea sir ?

Give me set file.

Thanks in Advance.

Jun 15 2015 at 07:07
2 posts
Are you using aggressive settings ?

Jun 15 2015 at 08:36
17 posts
Based on my trading history of wins and losses, I have set the pairs this way for this week:

                                  Long Short
EURUSD Agressive Normal
GPBUSD Conservative Conservative - May turn off this chart if it does not do better this week
USDJPY Normal Agressive

I am sure this is very broker sensitive though. It is quite different from the GoldBull Pro official account. Not sure your win/loss profile would look the exact same as mine. Suggest you trade a while and watch your history by pair by long/short and make adjustments that match the record you see in your account.

Jun 15 2015 at 08:38
17 posts
Sorry, the format got really messed up when I sent this update. Let me try again:
EURUSD Long: Agressive, Short: Normal
GPBUSD Long: Conservative. Short: Conservative - May turn off this chart if it does not do better this week
USDJPY Long: Normal, Short: Agressive

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