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RoboScalper EA - VARIANSE (By FxMasterGuru )

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RoboScalper EA - VARIANSE Discussion

ram (ramliam)
Jan 22 2017 at 07:36
106 posts
HI Master,
nice performance, at what risk this Account ran?I have also account with VARIANSE and so far I'm impressed from this Broker.
best regards
FxMasterGuru (FxMasterGuru)
Jan 22 2017 at 12:35
1608 posts
Hi @ramliam

Thanks! I do agree that it is a nice performance, however, somewhat short on this recently started VARIANSE account. So I suggest looking at my IC Markets account with 5 months of VERIFIED LIVE TRADE HISTORY as it gives a much better overview of what RoboScalper EA is capable of:

The FCA regulated and FSCS insured VARIANSE broker's true DMA/STP trading environment on their ECNpro accounts is especially suitable for RoboScalper, nevertheless, the EA is working just fine on IC Markets' TrueECN accounts, too. Actually, it might just work well with ANY ECN broker offering tight spreads (< 4 pips) on the traded pairs during the Asian session.

In regard to risk setting, I call it 'Standard' or '1x' risk setting, nevertheless, the EA is FULLY SCALABLE for investors with lower risk tolerance.

I also need to add that the EA does not use any Martingale or grid elements and it is fully FIFO compliant, trading only during the Asian session when news events and major market moves are extremely rare. Average trading time is 2 hrs and 50 minutes and ALL trades are closed before the Frankfurt Open.

Should you wish to give a try with your VARIANSE ECNpro account, please contact me by PM (with your e-mail address) or better, at the e-mail address specified in my profile. Of course, I would be glad to answer any further questions you might have here in this thread.
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