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rvd (By Aleks82trade)

Gain : -99.89%
Drawdown 99.97%
Pips: 22780.1
Trades 470
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:1000
Trading: Manual

rvd Discussion

Aleks82trade (Aleks82trade)
Feb 02 2013 at 09:22
2 posts
Hi! I'm trading 3 years. Now serching investors to mi PAMM accounts. I have a forex copy system account. Trading with VSA method+analize CME dayly report. If you have a questions,please ask me.I want to find good investors and work long time with them

FxMasterGuru (FxMasterGuru)
Feb 02 2013 at 19:15
1607 posts
I suggest going with a LIVE account for at least 6 months. After that you may get some investors.

Why would anybody invest in your PAMM if you don't even have the courage to risk your own money...? Come on! Have some common sense!

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Aleks82trade (Aleks82trade)
Feb 02 2013 at 21:35
2 posts
Trade on this account will begin in
2 months. While there is no
opportunity to fill up it. Now I will
show system, sag, profit factor on a
demo an account, then on the
deposit of $1000 real money. I
don't ask and I don't wait for
investments today or tomorrow. If
the investor is ready to risk money
without looking, it is his problem.
But at first I will show trade, and I
will accept then investment

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