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Ryan (By JarrattDavis )

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Ryan Discussion

Jul 17 2014 at 19:29
2 posts
The open order tab does not update even on a manual page refresh. I was wondering: are you still long your EJ and GJ trades considering the moves up are over for this week as price dropped back near your BE?

Jul 18 2014 at 19:29
2 posts
sry apparently an issue with it takes a couple of hours apparently to refresh. in any case, and not to cast aspersions, BUT i am really puzzled by your entry points on all the open orders you currently have. wherever you bought, i sold and closed when the move was over for that session/day. i am sure you could see that for the very short term the moves were down and not up. so why would you buy and hold like this? is it because your time horizon is multi-months as opposed to mine, which is solely intraday (well, intraday now for me means 0 < t < 3 days because of the lack of volatility).

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