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Sadrik (By Sadrik )

Gain : +44.86%
Drawdown 41.31%
Pips: 30467.4
Trades 211
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:500
Trading: Manual

Sadrik Discussion

Oct 15 at 12:35
1 posts
October 2021
Estimated balance: +15% / +30% - Balance realized: in processing
Estimated equity: +10% - Equity realized: in progress
September 2021
Estimated balance: +15% / +30% - Balance realized: +19.7% *

* equity not estimated as it is the starting month of the strategy

Hello everyone,
I have been a professional trader for more than 5 years, my strategy is based on money management.

My strategy is mainly based on containing the risk in a weighted way, opening positions based also on the opening of the markets.
Since I constantly analyze the trend of the markets I do not use SL in my positions but open contrasting positions to limit drawndown excursions.

The monthly profit is around 15% to 30%.
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Patience, analysis and preserving the risk
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