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SafeGrowth (By SafeGrowth )

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SafeGrowth Discussion

Feb 10 2013 at 07:22
2 posts
MAMM account with clients funds in segregated account through VantageFX

Goal: Safely increase your investment by 30% in a year.

For Investor -
Max DD in last 12 years: : 10.8%
Average DD: 6.1%
Max DD period: 2.3 months
Max Growth/Year: 80%
Lowest Growth/Year: 35%

Create your own account for SafeGrowth MAMM account by going to this link:
Odie (bismillahWD)
Mar 27 2013 at 16:01
19 posts
you prefer vantage for long term non agressive setup, i think its because alpari ru not segregated?
Fund would be more safe in vantage?
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