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scalping (by scambuster999)

Gain: +546.72%
Drawdown: 18.15%
Pips: 468976.4
Trades: 651
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:500
Trading: Unknown
Jan 21 at 09:44
21 posts
The system looks great and I’m also very fond of scaping, it surely is a risky strategy but when it works well, there’s a lot of scope for consistent returns.

Feb 17 at 05:13
12 posts
Very good system and the trades. Hope you can share more, thanks.

Feb 26 at 10:01
17 posts
You have a nice trading system as I can see from your graph. I would like to see how it works on your live account as well.

Mar 02 at 04:38
11 posts
Looks like you have worked hard on this demo account. The results look really good.

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