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scalpingprosystem (By scalpingpro )

Gain : +62.25%
Drawdown 25.69%
Pips: 145.9
Trades 93
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:500
Trading: Automated

scalpingprosystem Discussion

Nov 27 2013 at 14:09
85 posts
Hallo.. I want to buy your system but in 'LIQPAY' its in Rusian language exept EA Price. I suggest to translate all in english. Thankyou
Nov 27 2013 at 14:57
3 posts
You shouldn't have the account in LiqPay.
You can see as to do payment by means of LiqPay -
You can always specify information about payment -

+380567161131 (for international calls)
Mail - [email protected]
Nov 27 2013 at 15:04
85 posts
Ok.. Nice info. I will check the link. Thankyou..

Dec 01 2013 at 17:26
390 posts
I can not get the 1Pass. so it's not successful to pay you through Liqpay.

Для использования этой карты необходимо пройти автоверификацию. Перейти.
1Pass the autoverification please.

To use this card must pass avtoverifikatsiyu. Go.
1Pass the autoverification please.

Do you accept paypal or credit card??
Dec 09 2013 at 12:12
1 posts
Hi,If profit not achieve desired,may i have refund?
in 30 days?
Andrew (4xlee)
Dec 18 2013 at 01:29
14 posts
I just bought this EA - Support was very helpful - The original EA constantly crashed my MT4 ECN account, but I was provided a new working EA within an hour and it's working fine now and getting good results.

I paid via Skrill, so if you don't want to use LiqPay, just contact them via email and they'll send you instructions. I'm in Australia, so if you're down this way, you'll need to wait for Europe to come online in the evening, then support is very responsive.

Happy trading!
Dec 19 2013 at 14:46
2 posts
Hello All,
I've bought this E.A this week. In order to avoid the liquidity and volatility of December, so I decide to start my trading on the 6th January 2014. Any advise for the level of the Risk for a beginner? Please advise.
Dec 19 2013 at 19:14
1916 posts
such a paying method mess,paypal unkkown in russia?
Jan 01 2014 at 13:51
11 posts
Why have you stopped updating the results on myfxbook?
Jan 06 2014 at 15:44
2 posts

Any of us got the same phenomenon as follow:

A trade short gbpusd on 2014.01.06 @16:06 opened 1.63944 and closed 1.64042.

However, the above mentioned trade is not reflected in the master MT4 trading account at all. Why?
Mar 06 2014 at 22:47
3 posts
Monitoring is stopped. - SCAM BROKER!

Please see -
SleepingFX (SleepingFX)
Mar 11 2014 at 09:16
60 posts
haha... why do you point the finger to people, the problem come from your side.
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