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SCR-EURAUD (By Pikasso)

Gain : +121.29%
Drawdown 2.48%
Pips: -799.8
Trades 735
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:200
Trading: Automated

SCR-EURAUD Discussion

Mar 24 at 12:06
15 posts
The leverage used on this system is quite ideal if you ask me. Anyway, good system.

Pikasso (Pikasso)
Mar 24 at 12:14
167 posts
mortanlais posted:
1:200 is a safe leverage that you’ve used on your system. Even the profits are good.

Thank you! Leverage is 1:200 and can be lower. Smaller is better.

Trading system developers and strategy providers.
Pikasso (Pikasso)
Mar 24 at 12:35
167 posts
Our updated statistics for SCR-EURAUD trading strategy.
It can be copied from SignalStart:
But! You should have extremely good trading conditions with your broker, the fastest execution without significant slippage, low spreads, as close to mine as possible.


Trading system developers and strategy providers.
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