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shawon90 (By Ariel Cupt )

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shawon90 Discussion

Ariel Cupt (roman_sharif)
Oct 23 2013 at 18:32
5 posts
Scam Broker Capital One Forex

Hello dear all traders be alert to deposit Capital One Forex Broker.they are increase there client to give deposit bonus 70% rescue but after deposit when i lost all balance deposit or bonus amount again i deposit and get again this rescue bonus after i made redeposit i made a profit 233$ but when i send withdraw request 233$ this time they send this amount but when i send my next withdraw request 160$ this time they deny my withdraw also Remove my deposit 150$ and profit 10$ balance and say this amount i have to pay there what is this.when he deal with me this time Samir Beool and Rayan don't tell this.also i never see my balance negative so why i pay dear trade after deposit you won't able to withdraw your deposit balance.also this Broker withdraw processing is too late minimum 3 days need to process any kinds of withdraw.this Broker customer support also don't reply you when you ask your withdraw request.this company Owners Samir Beool and Rayan first time deal with me but when i face this problem they don't reply me.this is my another account 56395 here my deposit balance is 100$ in this account they are create another problem. yesterday i open a trade this account EUR/JPY 134.40 this place and my take profit is 134.35 market go down 134.28 they don't close my trade with take profit they are close my trade lose when i knock there they are give a calculation and i accept this but when i made a profit this rest amount 58$ and send withdraw they are send me this profit amount but when i made another profit 39$ this time they don't send this and also tell me i have to pay there balance after they send this but before withdraw they don't tell this and now they are Remove this account balance also.they are 100% Scam or Cheater Broker don't business with them .if you guys don't believe me here i give my account number and investor password:-

1.Account Number: 56336
Investor Password: vNa8WAd7

2.Account number: 56395
Investor Password: pvyRTMh1


MD.Roman Sharif

Money management is the best policy while you are Trading Forex.
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