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Simplex Expert Advisor

Gain : +248.0%
Drawdown 43.53%
Pips: 7304.3
Trades 1511
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:500
Trading: Automated

Simplex Expert Advisor Discussion

Dec 19 2020 at 14:28
245 posts
Still having an medium drawdown but is just a matter of time when all accounts will be back to normal.
Patience and self control lead us to our regular monthly profitable path!

Enjoy your profit$

Dec 23 2020 at 08:35
245 posts
@forexgoldfx thank you for your interest. The E.A. is working live on multiple real trading accounts.

To copy & replicate one of the SimpleFx's trading systems please follow and take advantage from the

new promo prices:

This is the only way where you can copy any of our accounts. We do not sell ea's because it never became a final product. Markets are changing month to month so have to add new updates each time.

Enjoy your profit$

Dec 26 2020 at 12:02
245 posts
To copy and replicate one of our trading accounts we've just made you a NEW PRICE offer. Take this chance and test out our trading systems for one month period. You can test them with your own broker.

All SimplexFx's trading systems has been set for a lower subscription fee and will be available for 3 more days!

LINK to this NEW OFFER: ->

Enjoy your profit$

Jan 01 at 07:21
21 posts
The profits on this trading system look good to me. The leverage however seems pretty high to me. Good luck.

Jan 03 at 15:53
245 posts
@Henreyedwards thank you for your comment.

-> the present amount of leverage '1:500' had never had been used in full capacity. This trading strategy works well on any leverage between 1:500 to 1:50 and can go to 1:30 leverage, respecting the new EU and AU leverage regulations ! We are aware of this kind of imposed regulations.

In 100 % of the cases we supervise our trading system and equity by not allowing any martingale recovering dangerous orders to be placed and affect accounts with much lower leverage like master. The risk management setup use to supervise the position size on each new order.

Enjoy your profit$

Feb 03 at 04:23
15 posts
The test account seems promising. Good work on this. All the best.

Feb 03 at 21:24
245 posts
@starlavey thanks. For more details about this strategy feel free to join our telegram channel.

Good day@

volegyo (fxfastanfx)
Feb 09 at 12:36
4 posts
good signals from your demo account and work on all others live the same setup signals mate?

Feb 12 at 04:00
245 posts
@fxfastanfx thank you.
Yes, the same mixed strategy works with all trading systems. Get instant updates into our telegram channel, link posted into our description tab.

Also you can to copy any of trading systems by following this link: ->

All the best,
SimplexFx team

Feb 26 at 05:24
4 posts
Nice trading but why do you offer your service only on signalstart? I;m waiting the pamm account stats to invest more with this system.
I copy the simplex continuum and infinity on mt4 and all get good even with the last drawdown which i know will get back to normal numbers. thank you guys
much respect for all your hard work

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